One in four of us will have some sort of mental health problem in our lifetime and many people do not access help. This means there are millions of people in Britain who are either having problems themselves, or know someone else who is experiencing them. These conditions, which range from very mild to quite severe, can occur at any age and many people have to cope with a mixture of problems which can impact on mental health and quality of life. It is very common, for example, to experience both depression and anxiety.

Evidence shows that talking therapies are effective, either on their own or in combination with anti-depressant medication. They enable people to understand their difficulties and learn to treat themselves, which can help prevent problems returning.

The Talking Changes service follows guidance and uses evidence based psychological treatments as recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

What do we do?

We provide practical support and therapies to help you achieve the best possible mental health and wellbeing. We also provide counselling services for depression.


Skills and strategies to help alleviate symptoms.


Explore helpful vs. unhelpful behaviours and suggest alternatives.


Provide you with out of session work to compliment appointments and reinforce changes.


Tried and tested therapies that are effective and prevent return of problems and conditions.


Wellbeing intervention to help clients support their issues.

Counselling services

From April 2019, Talking Changes is also providing Counselling Services. This includes Step One and Step Three Counselling. Click here to find out more:

Long term conditions

Chronic physical illness can have a life changing effect on wellbeing, functioning capacity and quality of life. Depression and / or anxiety may increase the perceived severity of the physical symptoms and add to distress. Overcoming depression and anxiety can result in better self-management, better quality of life and can also have a direct…

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