All patients will need a password to access booklets which support their weekly therapy sessions. These booklets are only available to people who have registered for support from the Talking Changes Service.
If you have already had a consultation session, you will be sent a link containing your password, which you will be able to change to a more memorable password for ease of use to log in to the resources section. You will have access to the resources during the period of your therapy.

For any additional therapy sessions, you will be sent a new password.

If you have not yet had a consultation session, and would like to self-refer to receive help and support, please click here
If you have been registered to the Talking Changes Service and is it is more than a week since you had your consultation session, please contact us.
Healthcare professionals and GPs can refer to our services on behalf of their patients. A form has been specially created for you to use, which is different from the patient self-referral form.
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