Specific Phobia

Specific phobias are common and typically involve a strong fear and avoidance of one particular type of object or situation. The fear and avoidance typical of specific phobias can cause an individual significant distress and interfere with daily functioning and lead to increased anxiety.

Among the most common specific phobias are the following:

  • Fear of animals
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of lifts
  • Fear of the doctor/dentist
  • Fear of thunder and/or lightning
  • Fear of blood, your own or others
  • Illness phobia

Specific phobias are often childhood fears which were never outgrown, may develop after a traumatic event such as an accident, natural disaster, illness or for example, being bitten by an animal. These may also develop from the repeated observation of a parent or primary caregiver who also has a specific phobia.

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